Sunday, October 28, 2007

Construction 25

Wood construction with paper, croquet ball, and acrylic paint. 11x10"


The musical score is by Strauss. The first person to see it pointed out that I put it in upside down. Oops. The green surface was painted in layers and sanded in between to build up a really interesting texture.

Extra Fine

Wood construction with mirror. 21x26"

The Extra Fine text from an old sugar crate makes a great mirror. Could be a bit narcissistic, or you could give it to someone else. The frame is old pine floorboards with most of the paint planed off.

This piece attracted a lot of attention at Open Studio last May, but ultimately didn't sell. I thought people might be more inclined to buy a functional or decorative piece, but it's not really "fine art", so I can't enter it in a show.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Welcome friends and strangers!

I'm an assemblage artist from Somerville, MA. I show my work through a couple of local artist associations and their cooperative galleries a few times per year and at my city's open studio event in the spring. I'll post show announcements and pictures of new work here, but check out my website for older work and more information:

Please drop me an email if you have questions about my work or are interested in purchasing a piece.